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218 South 2nd Street, 2nd Floor
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8AM -5PM, Monday - Friday
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Phone: (772) 462-6983
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Jury Duty

The right to a trial by jury is one of the principles guaranteed by the constitution and is a crucial part of our justice system. If selected, jurors serve for one trial, which may be a minimum of one or two days. Service can vary depending on the type of case and days served may not be consecutive.

Online Juror Check In

St. Lucie County jurors may now check in electronically to request postponements, excusals, and confirm service. Click the button below to get started.

Before the report date on your summons, please check in online to complete the Juror Questionaire. You may also apply for postponements / deferrals, and excusals using this online system. Helpful information may be found the frequently asked questions section.

If you received a summons, and you are not postponed or excused, please call (772) 462-6982 after 5 p.m. the evening before your scheduled date. A recorded message will tell you whether you should report. If you do not hear a message, or the telephone recording is not in operation, report for jury service on the date and time indicated on your summons.    

You will not be released from jury duty until you have completed one of the following:

  • served as a juror on a trial
  • appeared for service and were not selected as a juror
  • called the automated phone system and was notified that your service is not needed.

If you fail to appear as directed, you may be fined $100, found in contempt of court, and ordered to appear for service.

St. Lucie County Courthouse, Jury Assembly Room, 2nd floor.

Please use the parking garage adjacent to the courthouse.

If a juror wishes to postpone their service, check in online and visit the "Defer" section. Jurors needing further assistance may contact the Jury Coordinator at (772) 462-6983.

Jurors are allowed two postponements, the second postponement requires written documentation by fax, email, or mail. Typical postponements are between four and six months depending on availability.

Under the penalty of perjury, you may request to be excused from Jury Service for one of the following reasons:

  • Expectant mother
  • 70 years old or older
  • Parent not employed full time with child under 6 years old
  • Physically unable to serve (Download Medical Request Excusal Form)
  • Served as juror in St. Lucie County within the last 12 months  
  • Sole unpaid caregiver of a person who is incapable of caring for himself/herself because of physical and/or mental illness
  • Full-time law enforcement officer 
  • Convicted of a felony and civil rights have not been restored
  • Currently under prosecution for a crime            
  • Currently on probation/parole            
  • Not a legal resident of St. Lucie County
  • Not a citizen of the United States

Download and submit the Juror (Non-Medical) Excusal/Disqualification Form.

Download and submit the Juror Medical Request Excusal Form.

You are entitled to a $15 per day payment from the state if you are:

  • Regularly employed and not receiving wages while you're on jury duty
  • Not employed
  • Self employed
  • Retired

You will receive $30/day beginning on the fourth day of service, regardless if receiving wages from an employer. 

If you have a disability and need special accommodations to serve, contact the Jury Coordinator at (772) 462-6983 within two business days of your receipt of your juror summons.  If you are hearing or voice impaired, call (800) 955-8771. 

There are security screenings at the entrance of the Clerk’s office or the courthouse. All of your belongings and items in your pockets will be screened, and you will be required to walk through a metal detector. If it beeps, security staff will use a wand to determine the origin of the beep.

Do not bring weapons, glass or items that may be construed as weapons:

  • Glass bottles, glass perfume bottles, glass food containers
  • Guns (stun, real, toy, lighter, etc.)
  • Blade weapons (knife, razor, scissor, hair pick, pin, corkscrew, box cutter, scraper, screwdriver, etc.)
  • Chemical weapons (mace, pepper spray, hair spray, etc.)
  • Impact weapons (knuckles, club, hammer, etc.)
  • Restraining devices and miscellaneous weapons (straps, chains, file, knitting needles, nail clippers, tools)

Free wireless broadband internet access is available to jurors courtesy of the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority’s FPUAnet Communications division. For more information, you may speak with a Jury Coordinator.

Jurors should wear business or business casual attire. You may want to bring a jacket or sweater as courtrooms are often cool. 

Vending machines are available near the Jury Assembly Room, so remember to bring change.  Various restaurants are also located within walking distance from the Clerk’s office and courthouse. No refrigerator or microwave is provided in the juror office.

Jurors are selected at random from a list provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The list is made up of qualified motorists 18 years of age or older or individuals 18 years of age or older who hold Florida identification cards.

To protect the integrity of the jury process, no newspapers are allowed in the Jury Assembly Room.  If you are selected to serve on a trial, all electronic devices will be removed before jury deliberations begin. The judge may also remove them at other stages of a trial. At the beginning of the trial, the judge should advise the jury panel about the removal of electronic devices.